Pulikali Kerala’s Vibrant Tiger Dance Poster Templates & Status Videos

Pulikali Kerala's Vibrant Tiger Dance Poster Templates

Pulikali Kerala’s Vibrant Tiger Dance Poster Templates: Deep within the lush green landscapes of Kerala lies a tradition that is as vibrant as its surroundings – Pulikali, or the Tiger Dance. As the name suggests, this folk art form sees participants paint their bodies in the likeness of tigers and leopards, dancing to the rhythms of traditional percussion instruments. But Pulikali is more than just a dance; it’s a celebration of life, nature, and the rich tapestry of Kerala’s culture.

Origins and Significance of Pulikali

Tracing its origins back over 200 years, Pulikali was introduced by Maharaja Rama Varma Sakthan Thampuran, the then-ruler of Cochin. The dance form was meant to be a celebration, marking the festive occasion of Onam – Kerala’s biggest and most joyous festival.

Pulikali is not just about the vibrant depictions of tigers and hunters on the dancers’ bodies but also a representation of bravery and wild spirit. The dance form, through its energetic moves and pulsating rhythms, symbolizes the age-old man-animal conflict, portraying the essence of wilderness.

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A Modern-Day Digital Celebration with MMP Festival Posters

With evolving times, the way we celebrate and share our traditions is changing. For all those who hold Pulikali close to their hearts but are miles away from the action or those wanting to spread its beauty beyond Kerala’s boundaries, MMP Festival Posters is here to bridge the gap.

With our app, you can bring the colors and vibrancy of Pulikali to your digital screens. We offer a plethora of customizable Pulikali-themed poster templates. Whether you want to capture the fierce essence of the tigers, the energetic dance steps, or simply the festive spirit, we have got you covered.

Take your celebration a notch higher by converting your poster designs into mesmerizing status videos. A pulsating backdrop of traditional Kerala drums, combined with the vivacious imagery of Pulikali, will make for a perfect visual treat.

So, as the beats of the chenda 🥁 grow louder and the painted tigers come to life on Kerala’s streets, let’s ensure that the spirit of Pulikali resonates in the digital world too. With MMP Festival Posters, let the tiger dance roar louder and reach farther.

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Share your Pulikali celebrations with the hashtag #MMPPulikali. Let’s unite and spread the colors of Kerala’s prized tradition.


Pulikali, with its vivacious colors and rhythmic beats, is a testament to Kerala’s rich cultural legacy. It is not just a dance but a narrative – of bravery, wilderness, and life. And as we step into an increasingly digital world, it’s crucial that we carry our traditions with us, sharing them with wider audiences, ensuring that the future generations too feel the rhythm and spirit of the tiger dance.

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