Putrada Ekadashi Poster Templates | A Celebration of Devotion and the Desire for Progeny

Putrada Ekadashi Poster Templates

Putrada Ekadashi Poster Templates: Putrada Ekadashi is one of the significant Ekadashi vrats observed by Hindus. ‘Putra’ translates to ‘son’ and ‘da’ means ‘giver.’ This auspicious day is dedicated to worshipping Lord Vishnu, seeking his blessings for the begetting of children, especially for those childless couples longing for progeny.

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Historical and Mythological Significance

As per the ancient scriptures, the fast of Putrada Ekadashi was first observed by King Mahijit, who ruled the city of Mahishmati. Desperate due to the absence of an heir, he consulted sages, who advised him and his queen to observe the Putrada Ekadashi vrat. Through their steadfast devotion and the blessings of Lord Vishnu, they were eventually graced with a son.

Rituals of Putrada Ekadashi

Devotees observing this vrat start their fast from the ‘Dashami’ (10th day), consuming only ‘saatvik’ food. On Ekadashi, they abstain from food and water, engage in meditation, and chant mantras dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The fast concludes on the next day, ‘Dwadashi.’

A Day of Spiritual Enlightenment with MMP

Putrada Ekadashi is not just about seeking a child but also about spiritual enlightenment and drawing closer to Lord Vishnu. The MMP collection offers insights into this special day, enriching the understanding and celebration of the occasion.

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Immerse in the Devotion

While the primary reason to observe Putrada Ekadashi is to be blessed with a child, it’s also a reminder of the power of dedication, prayer, and the grace of Lord Vishnu.

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